Who is IFAMA

The group was founded in 1985 by fire and ambulance technicians, based on the need for reliable factory training. Fire apparatus are so unique that local vocational training was not available. Progress in training and cooperation between departments has greatly improved our technician's knowledge over the past decades. We can say this with pride as our 25th anniversary approaches this year. As we have grown, so has the industry. With the advent of the EVT Certification (Emergency Vehicle Technician) and NFPA Standards, the need for quality training is paramount. Thus, our main goal has been to meet these needs thru annual and quarterly training along with testing thru the EVT Certification Commission. IFAMA technicians will continue to focus on training and safety as it relates to the everyday maintenance/repair of emergency apparatus, ambulances, support vehicles and equipment.


IFAMA technicians are proud to have members who have been instrumental in legislation of training, NFPA, ASE and EVT Certification committees, which certify technicians by use of a national testing procedure.  


As our organization grew and developed we added our first Expo. in 2003 at our annual seminar. This first year involved fifteen vendors and was located at Jumers in Bloomington, Illinois. The next year as the Expo expanded, it was moved to the hanger at Bloomington Municipal Airport with over twenty vendors. This seminar was so successful that the following year it was moved to the Interstate Center. By this time there were over thirty vendors and the membership in attendance covered a five state area. Vendors in attendance were Detroit Diesel, Pierce, E-One, Caterpillar, UL, Whelen, Federal Signal, Fleet Safety Supply, Alexis Fire Equipment, Seagrave and Ford to name a few. We spent a couple years at the Interstate Center till the next major change took place.


We were approached by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association to merge our seminar with theirs. Since there was such a direct relationship between both groups and goals, it only made all the sense in the world for both groups to do so. In 2008 we had our first combined seminar in Peoria, Illinois in October. This turned out to be a great success for both groups. We were able to cut seminar costs which increased the benefits to all members.


The training seminar and workshops scheduled throughout the year provide in-depth education that our technicians want and that are needed to become EVT and ASE certified. We strive to maintain a dependable fleet in order for others to provide the reliable service our citizens have come to expect in a cost effective manner.


Who can join IFAMA?


Membership is designed to meet the needs of persons involved in areas related to the fire service and the care/maintenance of fire apparatus and equipment. This includes; firefighters/mechanics, fire department and city mechanics, service center mechanics, fleet managers, fire department administrators and fire apparatus/equipment sales representatives. Any member in good standing is a voting member.


What is the term of a membership?


The term of membership is for one (1) year beginning October 1st and ending September 30th of the following year.


What are the membership dues?


One (1) year membership is $50.00. This provides for mailings, free quarterly training and lunch.


How to join IFAMA


Click here to download the IFAMA application. 

Fill out the membership application from the web site and mail it with remittance to:



P.O. Box 505

Lemont,Il. 60439