2009 EVT of the Year


 July 29, 2011

Illinois Fire Apparatus Mechanics Association
P.O. Box 505
Lemont, Illinois 60439

Re: Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year

Dear Selection Committee,

Jeff Bober has continuously served as a firefighter since January 1977 when he was appointed as a paid-on-call firefighter with the West Dundee Fire Department. In January 1981 Jeff was appointed to the Palatine Fire Department as a career firefighter/paramedic; presently serving as a shift lieutenant responsible for an ambulance and engine company.

Through the years Jeff has remained dedicated and committed to the West Dundee Fire Department where he began his fire service career; since the mid-SO's he has served as the Department's Apparatus & Equipment Mechanic.

As the apparatus & equipment mechanic, Jeff is responsible for a fleet which includes 2-ambulances, 2-engines, 2-ladder trucks, 4-support vehicles, a Mass Casualty Incident Response Trailer, 2-Rescue/Recovery Boats, A Children's Fire Safety Trailer, 2-station back-up generators, and a wide variety of hand and power tools.

In 2010, through an intergovernmental agreement with the Rutland-Dundee Townships Fire Protection District, Jeff now provides maintenance for the shared reserve apparatus of the Rutland-Dundee and West Dundee Fire Departments; which includes an ambulance and an engine.

The preventative maintenance and repairs of these pieces of apparatus are all completed by Jeff on a part-time basis. Jeff has masterfully balanced his commitments to his Family and the Fire Service. He possesses a variety of attributes and talents; and he is to be commended for his dedication and commitment to keeping our apparatus in a constant state of readiness.

He has been a member of the Illinois Fire Apparatus Mechanics Association since 1994 and holds a number of Emergency Vehicle Technician certifications in ambulance and fire apparatus. Consistent with his work ethic, he has unselfishly paid all expenditures related to his IFAMA membership, EVT training & certification, and conference attendance.

Jeffs involvement does not end in providing maintenance and repairs; his resume through the years includes the creation of apparatus specifications for !-engine refurbishment, 2-engines, 2-ladder trucks, and presently is a standing member of the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative having assisted in the creation of the ambulance specifications.

He annually coordinates the Underwriters Laboratories Aerial and Ground Ladder Examinations for the 4-fire departments commonly known as the Quad Com Fire Departments: Carpentersville, East Dundee, Rutland-Dundee Townships, and West Dundee.

In recent years a most notable experience involved an alternator bracket/harness system on our 100' Ladder Tower. After assessment, evaluation, and repair of the alternator bracket/harness system: Jeff reached out to the Carpentersville Fire Department and worked with their apparatus mechanic John Muir to provide repair to their 100' Ladder Tower and Engine. Both pieces of the Carpentersville apparatus were experiencing like problems, and had the evaluation and assessment not been completed additional damage may have occurred within the respective engine compartments.

On Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, Jeff and John worked through the removal and repair of the brackets/harness system disregarding their personnel schedules to return the 3-pieces of apparatus to emergency response mode. The West Dundee Fire Station looked more like a regional service center during this time period. Certainly this example demonstrates his analytical talents, practical hands-on-skills, and concern for a service area larger than West Dundee.

As Fire Chief, I would describe Jeff as follows:

• Possesses an attitude which is second to none in the Fire Service; always positive and willing to be involved and willing to complete any tasks...any time...efficiently...effectively...and safely.

• Possesses knowledge and practical application...an individual whom is self taught and self motivated...yet seeks out educational opportunities to further his knowledge and mechanical aptitude.

• Possesses the ability to manage his time, as previously stated; masterfully manages his time with Family and the Fire Service; fully realizing the importance and significance of balancing both.

Jeffs attitude, knowledge, and time management skills have always been apparent and I have yet to witness anytime in our personal and professional relationship which he has waivered in these attributes.

Jeff Bober is a man of strong faith, a man who has been gifted with knowledge and talents, enabling him to be an exceptional son, brother, husband, father, firefighter, paramedic, mechanic...and friend.

The West Dundee Fire Department is honored, privileged, and pleased to nominate Jeff Bober, Apparatus & Equipment Mechanic for the IFAMA Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year Award. As Fire Chief, I strongly believe he is a most worthy candidate for your solicitous evaluation and consideration.


Rutland-Dundee Townships Fire Protection District
Ronald E. Tessendorf

William Carbone

Rollyn L. Anderson
rd1 Richard L. Thomas
Fire Chief

P.O. Box203
Gilberts, IL 60136
Phone: 847-426-2522
Fax: 847-426-6458

August 1, 2011

Illinois Fire Apparatus
Mechanics Association
P.O. Box 505
Lemont, Illinois 60439

Re: Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year

Dear Selection Committee:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jeff Bober for your Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year. As Fire Chief for the Rutland Dundee Townships Fire Protection District, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jeff on several occasions over the last seven years. I found Jeff to be a quality leader, one that has a good grasp of what is occurring in the emergency response vehicle industry. Jeff has applied his knowledge to create a proactive approach to preventive maintenance and post repair analysis. The vision and leadership that Jeff has unselfishly demonstrated to our organization is second to none.

Our department's fleet consists of the following vehicles; 2-engines, 2- ambulances, 1-reserve engine, 1- reserve ambulance, 1-tender, 1-squad, 3-staff SUV's and 1-support team vehicle. Jeff has been consulted on many occasions for advice regarding problem solving techniques, vender names for specific job and other repair options. During these times of interaction, Jeff insured that our staff members had enough understanding and information to make an informed decision. This dedication, results in a positive impact on our community, department safety, budget, along with the ripple effect spilling to our six auto-aid departments.

In 2010, through an intergovernmental agreement with the West Dundee Fire Department, Jeff now provides maintenance for the shared reserve apparatus of the Rutland-Dundee FPD; which includes an ambulance and an engine.

Over the last year Jeff has worked with our Chief Officers to develop a plan for the department's new engine requirements. He has worked countless hours to. ensure that needs and goals are met with this vehicle purchase. Some area's that I feel Jeff excelled in during the design phase.

• Translating each line of the specification to the management team
• Safety of the vehicle
• Streamline preventive maintenance processes
• Interconnecting parts complement each other
• Ensuring that gauges, parts or items to assist the mechanic are in the vehicle
• Weight verses chassis design (right axle, right braking system)
• Ensuring the project is on the right track

Jeff Bober displays the highest professional standards when working with our Chief Officers or educating our membership on vehicle maintenance and design. His commitment to his education and his efforts to develop others in their technical skills is exemplary.

I believe the Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year should be award to Jeff Bober, a quality person who will do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason for any community/department that he is engaged with. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at any time.