2009 EVT of the YearEVT Of The Year Award

 September 5,2009


Dear Mr. Chairman,


I would like to bring to your attention an individual who has consistently bolstered the reputation of all of us in transportation over the span of his working career. This individual is Mr. Morris (Mo) Anderson, who is currently the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Wheaton. Having known Mo for almost twenty-years, I can personally attest to his dedication, honesty, and integrity within our industry.


Mo started his working career fresh out of High School in Public Works within the Fleet Department at the Village of Northbrook. His supervisor at Northbrook for many years was a gentleman named Diego (Dave) Vito, who took Mo under his tutelage in the skills of vehicle repairs. Under the direction of Dave Vito, Mo’s natural mechanical talents were nurtured and honed. Northbrook has a core belief in keeping their personnel well trained and under this system, Mo was given every opportunity to grow within his profession. Mo’s first recollection of ASE training, testing, and receiving certificates occurred around 1977-1978. At that time ASE was referred to as NIASE, National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.


Not long after Mo started receiving his ASE Certificates, the gentleman who had been doing the vehicle repairs on the villages fire equipment retired. The duties of performing maintenance on the Fire Departments equipment was shopped around at fleet with no one being interested in this responsibility. Mo, being the eager and energetic individual that he is, threw his hat into the ring and accepted these new duties along with whatever public works vehicle repair was needed as well. This can-do attitude throughout Mo’s working career has always been just part-and-parcel of who Morris Anderson is. Going above and beyond the call of duty is just second nature to him.


Mo was with the Fleet Department at the Village of Northbrook for 32-years. He worked his way through the ranks there and after Dave Vito retired, was the interim Fleet Manager. In addition to his ASE Certifications, Mo has also been an EVT for approximately 12-years and at the age of 55, still continues to keep current with all of his certifications. Nothing in his current job description says that he needs these certifications, but being the professional that he is, he just keeps on challenging himself to excel in his profession and stay current.


This December marks Mo’s fourth year as the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Wheaton. I know the work force under his control in Wheaton and I can personally attest to their admiration, loyalty and respect for their Supervisor. A more humble and honest individual would be hard to find. For all of the reasons mentioned above, please accept my nomination of Morris Anderson for your EVT of the year award.


Respectfully yours,


Larry J. Polas

Global Emergency Products

Manager / Field Service